SAMSUNG GALAXY A3 2017 Hands on

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SAMSUNG GALAXY A3 2017 Hands on

Everyone was thinking that Samsung Galaxy A series will remain budget series but Samsung proved everyone wrong as price of new A series falls in category pf premium Smartphones like iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Series.So Samsung Galaxy A series not remains as affordable.

There number of color options for Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) - dark as the Black Sky at night. On the front, the Super AMOLED display almost merges with the black frame, making the clock of the Always On Display seem to float into the void.

Galaxy A3 (2017) also have number of features of Galaxy S7 like AOD, the design is almost Same. The front Gorilla Glass has beveled edges, while the one on the back is more thoroughly curved on the sides.

The body of the phone is a few mills shorter and narrower than the 4.7” phone and weighs about the same. It’s waterproof too with a higher rating (IP68, so it can go deeper). The screen size is no coincidence, it matches the iPhone (same goes for the pixel density due to the 720p resolution).

The hardware Home key is also a fingerprint reader that enables Samsung Pay (over NFC or MST, Magnetic Secure Transmission). Samsung is trying to poach would-be iPhone buyers by making the parallels quite clear (as well as the difference in price).

Right off the bat we can think of two deal-breakers. The first is the 13MP camera, which tops out at 1080p video. The lens has a decently bright aperture (f/1.9) but there’s no OIS. The 8MP/1080p selfie camera is much closer to the iPhone standard.

The second is the platform - Android 6.0 with TouchWiz is a bit old. It’s not too much to ask that 2017 models don’t launch with the 2015 version of Android, is it? The phone is powered by the Exynos 7870 Octa chipset (built on 14nm), which offered stellar battery life in the Galaxy J7 (2016) but not amazing performance.

There’s a scarcity of subcompact smartphones with a premium feel but affordable price. At €330, the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) is less than half the cost of an iPhone 7 but at first blush it can make a good argument that it’s almost as good.

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